Arabian Horse Stud

This splendid specimen’s pure bred, blue blood qualities are visible in its small dish faced head, large eyes and a fine muzzle.

The Arabian is considered the most beautiful and elegant horses, and are known to be highly intelligent, sensitive and courageous creatures, built for speed and endurance, With his exceptional functional conformation and superb movemen, MH AHSOM son became a champion under saddle too. Achieving such high accolades in halter and performance is unheard of and deserving of applause.

The Arabian horse is striking. Its entire appearance exudes energy, intelligence, courage and nobility. The neck is long and arched, the back is short, and the tail is naturally carried high. Every time an Arabian moves its famous “floating trot”, he announces to the world his proud, grateful nature.

Arabians are the oldest pure breed of horse. Nearly unchanged throughout the ages, the purebred Arabian is virtually identical to those ridden in ancient Arabia. Long eyelashes protected the eyes from sand while large nostrils assures easy breathing in hot, dry climate. Likewise, the Arabian’s deep chest, strong joints and good lungs guaranteed its ability to carry its owner across large stretched of land.

Temperament also sets the Arabians apart from nay breeds. For thousands of years, Arabians lived amongst the desert tribe of the Arabian peninsula, bred as war mounts for quick raids into enemy camps. The harsh desert climate required these Bedouin tribesmen to share food and water – even tents – with their horses. As a result, Arabians developed a strong desire for human companionship that carries forward today.

Over the centuries, the Bedouin tribes maintained strict purity of the breed. The Arabian is the only breed whose blood has been preserved for over five thousand years and has contributed, in varying degrees, to the development of every other popular breed of horse ridden today (Credit: Beaulah’s Arabians.)