Castle De Wildt
Where the buyer is King of the Castle!

Stories and legends have a way of following their own path. No exception on this rule when one learns about the life path of Lucas Groenewald – Founder Member of LBG Holdings Group of Companies.

Says Lucas, in grade 11 (the old standard 9), he failed the grade and his teacher wrote to the principal of the school requesting that the principal write to Lucas’ parent to advise them that they were of the opinion, that due to a seemingly low IQ – Lucas does not have the potential to finish school. His parents would have none of it, and promptly sent him back to finish school.

After school, Lucas applied for a position at the Stilfontein Mines, and stared his working career in the Human Resources department as a clerk. Having always had an eye for a beautiful girl, he soon realized that there were far more “attractive” prospects at the then Trust Bank – since a lot of lovely ladies worked as cashiers in the bank.

Soon afterwards, Lucas applied for a job at ESSO – the International Petroleum giant and worked for them as HOD in the accounting department. Five years later Lucas was transferred to the UK to head up operations there and again 5 years later to the USA.

At the age of 40, Lucas realized that he was a born entrepreneur, and the corporate world held little challenge for him anymore. He resigned from his position as Managing Director of ESSO and relocated to the Limpopo Province where he started building an empire in the commercial and residential property industry.

Being a true Afrikaner at heart, the need to own a piece of land prompted Lucas to buy agricultural land, and he embarked on commercial vegetable farming.

In 2012 Lucas and his son Bernard were introduced to golden wildebeest by a friend. Exclusive species like sable and some colour variants were rapidly gaining value in the market, and they recognized the economic worth that breeding with these species could engender as a way of diversifying from other forms of agriculture.

Today, apart from continuing to prosper in the property market, LBG Holdings are breeding several rare and exclusive game, namely golden wildebeest, black impala, saddleback impala, black and white kudu as well as heartwater springbuck, nyala, sable, roan and even impala for exceptional horn, body and genetic quality.