Trying to do business without advertising is like winking at a pretty girl through a pair of green goggles. You may know what you are doing, but no one else does. “Cyrus McCormick”

Castle de Wildt invites you to show and sell your products to the Agricultural, Game and Hunt industry of South Africa!

The Castle de Wildt Game, Hunt & Agri Expo is a platform to enable producers and other role players in the agricultural industry to experience the latest technology and products on offer in the farming industry first-hand and on one terrain. Visitors can look forward to innovative products and supplies developed by producers in the various categories to stay abreast of new techniques and developments in all sectors of the agricultural industry.

During the 3-day exhibit, visitors can browse through the various exhibitions, interact with suppliers, learn more about niche agricultural industries, relax and sample local delicacies and refreshments throughout the day.

We want consumers to say, ‘That’s a hell of a product’ instead of, ‘That’s a hell of an ad.'” – Leo Burnett

A number of agricultural economists and other specialists in the industry will host short bursts of informative industry related seminars, offering visitors the opportunity to obtain knowledge from experts in their various agricultural fields by means of debating and discussing various topics.


Castle de Wildt wishes to establish the Game, Hunt and Agri Expo as a diversified trade exhibition, specifically aimed at attracting the multitude of farmers and ranchers in the Limpopo, North West, Gauteng and Mpumalanga provinces by offering them the opportunity to compare a wide variety of products and services and in so doing, enable them to make informed decisions.

We aim to focus specifically on showcasing industry related innovation, technology, information exchange and discussion for the cultivation of animals, plants, and other life forms for food and products used to sustain life. Our aim is not on entertainment and the exhibition of bric-a-brac informal market items.

Being one of the most unique and popular venues in Limpopo, Castle de Wildt is committed to grow the Castle de Wildt Game, Hunt and Agri Expo into the most relevant showcasing platform for the agricultural and wildlife industry in the province.