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The Ndzalama Game Reserve

Ndzalama Game Reserve is located in Gravelotte area, Limpopo Province. The exclusive game reserve encompasses up to 14 000ha (34 594 acres) and boasts an upmarket game reserve suited for 12 persons. Although the spectacular scenery makes Ndzalama Game Reserve a sought-after destination, it is the more than 200 different species of birds, a vast number of game such as impala, bushbuck, waterbuck, kudu, sable, red hartebees, blue and golden wildebeest, eland, duiker, giraffe, zebra, elephant, leopard and many more that makes this a hunter’s paradise. The elegant game reserve and lapa ensures relaxed entertainment and our six private chalets offer spectacular views over the undulated Lowveld escarpment.

Every hunter wants an incredible hunting experience, comfortable lodging, delicious meals and warm South African hospitality to create lasting memories.
Castle de Wildt Hunting Safaris was founded with all of this in mind. We are dedicated to providing our hunters with customized, exceptional hunting experiences. Our boutique lodgings and attentive staff enable us to provide first class service to our guests. We understand the needs and desires of our clients who come from all walks of life. From dedicated field staff to the feel-at-home hospitality at our lodges – you will feel right at home and know that we are committed to making sure your trip is successful, relaxed and fun-filled.

We encourage you to reach out to us with any questions you may have. We would love to welcome you as our guest and afford you the experience of a lifetime!..Read More

Apart from supplying to the professional hunting markets, Castle de Wildt maintains a very responsible in house culling program which includes the culling of too many animals, excess split gene animals, and animals that cannot be reintroduced to the breeding program. These animals are culled and the meat processed for private use or donated to the local community for feeding programs at old age homes, children’s homes, churches and schools.

Hunting and humans are closely related. Humans have been hunting since the beginning of man, when it was the only food source available. As time has passed, humans have progressed, and figured out many other sources of food, for example farming. Over hunting has resulted in the the killing of wildlife which may be important to humans. This affects humans in that if the animal species becomes endangered, it will throw off natural predation and it will be more expensive to buy the meat or fur of that animal. The endangerment of species can cause many different things to humans. For example, if one animal is endangered, its predator will also become endangered. Ultimately it will affect humans with food and resources.

Hunting is very beneficial to many countries around the world, and ultimately benefits humans. Hunting contributes large amounts of money to the country’s economy. It creates many jobs, where people can make a living for themselves and also it increases world trades. With a strong economy a country can prosper and many benefits can be derived from selling the meat of the animal that has been hunted, selling the fur, or other exterior parts of the animal, and lastly the money hunters spend on the hunting license and equipment itself.

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