Castle De Wildt
Where The Buyer Is King Of The Castle!

Game Auctions

Castle de Wildt is privately owned by the Groenewald family, and is the auction house for its range of exceptional and rare breeds of game.  As a renowned and well-respected leader in the wildlife industry of South Africa, Castle de Wildt is much revered by friends, visitors and fellow wildlife ranchers for its warm, hearty and welcoming ambience, breathtaking décor and illustrious facilities.

At Castle de Wildt auction days are not only an occasion, but also a celebration of the coming together of friends and family, young and old, rich and poor – all with a common interest in breeding and conserving these fantastic animals not only for the sole purpose of economic welfare, but with a much deeper desire to behold and protect South Afric’s treasured wildlife for future generations to enjoy.

Having experienced a variety of wildlife auctions personally, Bernard Groenwald, a pioneer in several business sectors, shaped a vision to be an honest, empathetic and impactful leader and to be recognized internationally within the wildlife industry. His commitment to growing as a leader and delivering value-added products to the end users, drove him to formulate trends for others to follow. The initiative to build the iconic Castle de Wildt venue outside of Modimolle, Limpopo, stemmed from Bernard’s dream to create experiences rather than expectations and to bring them alive through creative thinking and design, to make them operationally slick through lavish attention to detail, and to continue to build a legacy of memories.

Our doors are always open for you, and we invite you to come and share in the story of our passion, pride and craft.

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