Castle de Wildt Family Auction

Golden Breeders Family Auction -2017


After careful consideration, the members of Golden Breeders – Bernard Groenewald, owner of Castle de Wildt, and Barry York of York Safaris – announced the postponement of the Golden Breeders Family Auction, scheduled for the 23rd of September 2017 at Castle de Wildt, Modimolle, Limpopo.

Golden Breeders is of the opinion that the Family Auction deserves a more suitable date, earlier on the wildlife auctions year calendar, and are working towards securing such date for the Family Auction in 2018.

Golden Breeders would like to ensure all Golden Breeders Family members that the decision to postpone the auction is purely based on current market trends and with their best interests at heart. The association remains, and Golden Breeders encourage all Family Members to continue their ranching endeavours focusing on breeding exceptional genetics.

Golden Breeding Bull Exchange

At the Wildlife Indaba which was held at Castle de Wildt on 7 July 2017, Bernard Groenewald announced that all Golden Breeders Family members who had previously purchased a golden wildebeest breeding bull on any one of the Golden Breeders Prestige Auctions, and in the event that such breeding bull did not reach horn growth of at least 26”, may be eligible for a new golden wildebeest breeding bull of 27” from the Castle de Wildt or York herds. This offer, however, does not include purchases made at any Golden Breeders Family Auctions nor Benchmark Auctions.

Terms and conditions:

• If you have bought a golden wildebeest breeding bull on a Golden Breeders Prestige Auction, and such breeding bull did not grow to measure at least 26 inches in its horns, you may contact Johan Oosthuizen at Castle de Wildt or Richard York at York Safaris to discuss the option of a new breeding bull with 27” horn measurement from either the Castle or the York herd.
• Bull indexes will be done near to the end of February 2018, where after delivery/supply will take effect.
• Veterinary, transport and insurance cost will be for your own account.
• Please contact Johan Oosthuizen on 082 456 7892 ( or Richard York to discuss your options.
• Kindly note: Castle de Wildt and York Safaris retain all rights to the terms and conditions of this offer as well as the right to withdraw the offer in the event of no merit or distortion, falsification or distortion. It is imperative that you verify your eligibility with either Johan Oosthuizen or Richard York.
• In the event that you are not eligible for this offer, but still wish to upgrade your genetics, we invite you to talk to us about a possible solution.

Castle de Wildt and York Safaris invite any person not eligible for this offer, but still wishing to upgrade their breeding genetics, to talk to contact them about a possible solution.

Enquiries may be directed to:

Johan Oosthuizen (CEO – LBG Holdings and Castle de Wildt –, 082 456 7892
Richard York (York Safaris –, 083 564 1839

Golden Breeders Family Auction 2016 – 22nd September 2016

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Golden Breeders Family Auction 2015 – 26th September 2015

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