Castle De Wildt
Where the buyer is King of the Castle!

The Venue

This unique landmark venue is probably one of the most beautifully appointed and furnished destination venues to be found in South Africa. This exquisite venue caters for upmarket events such as corporate events, high-end weddings, functions and conferences, but is best known for showcasing the finest wildlife species during its annual wildlife auction events.

The beautiful furnishing of Castle de Wildt exudes an air of timeless elegance, where you can unwind in romantic surrounds that hark back to a bygone era of royal stature. The spectacular European medieval ambiance has been cleverly intermingled with an eclectic mix of antique, handpicked treasures and other delightful decorative pieces that the owners have imported from Belgium, Netherlands and France.

Each design element, from the individually selected artefacts to the many sublime accessories that dot the interior drew inspiration from the culturally-rich heritage of the greater royal castles of bygone years.

With comfortable seating for up to 1500 guests and complemented by heavy gilded gold framed mirrors and a beautiful collection of wildlife paintings by local artist Leonè Louw, Castle de Wildt stands as a custodian of old worldly elegance.


  • Five beautifully decorated rooms adorn the Inner Courtyard Fountain area.
  • Reception – the ideal front of office area where guests are welcomed and announced.
  • The Knights Table – a private meeting room suited for 4 – 6 persons where matters of the day can be discussed in total privacy.
  • The Library – Furnished in deep, dark wood tones, the Library room is perfect for quiet reflection or hosting 4 persons in an intimate meeting.
  • The Hunters Den Room – a round table seating layout is suitable for 4 – 5 persons.
  • The Courtyard Lounge – a private lounge area with deep seated leather couches, sherry jars and ornate furniture.  An area where executive businessmen may embark on easy conversation with guests and clients.
  • The upper level hosts an executive boardroom with a billiard room and bar – lavishly furnished with deep seated leather chairs and couches.
  • The Executive Boardroom – a Beautiful room draped with heavy curtains and furnished with oversized leather wingback chairs, a cosy fireplace, overhead data projector and wall mounted screen.  This is the perfect venue for small, executive meetings.  The boardroom seats 16 persons in U-shape and in a formal dinner style.
  • The Billiard Room and Bar
  • With its 9 x 4.5 feet billiard table as a centrepiece, this room is perfect for some relaxation and socializing after a hard day’s work.  An intimate lounge area and fireplace creates a warm ambience.  The billiard room is flanked by two balconies which overlook the vast landscapes and beautiful rose gardens.


The garden court is home to fragrant rose gardens which bloom prettily throughout the year and form the perfect setting for any Prince Charming to ride up to the gates on his white horse. The garden court is flanked by four bomas and pens which come into operation on occasions when Castle de Wildt hosts the beautiful selection of exquisite rare game during wildlife auctions.

These highly functional and innovative Boma systems ensure that the wellbeing of captured game is of the utmost and highest standard. The four bomas surrounding the Castle are designed and specifically constructed with fully automated sliding doors that can be easily operated. This helps to reduce animal stress and ensure that animals can be moved easily with minimal disruption. The Bomas have a total of 90 individual pens allowing for the ideal auction of 80-100 lots.

The large spread of lush ever green lawns embracing a sparkling fountain is a picture-perfect setting for garden functions, cocktail parties, high tea, wine tasting, outdoor exhibitions and social settings.


Arguably the most awe aspiring view is the Royal Chamber with its high roof, impressive facades and balcony, heavy curtains – a room that demands respect!  With a seating capacity for 1000+ persons and completely fitted with state-of-the-art sound equipment and a majestic stage, the Royal Chamber is the perfect venue for conferences, product launches, grand wedding or exhibitions.

From the Royal balcony overhead, one can get a bird’s eye view of the splendid stage and dark wood furniture.  The Royal Balcony with its large bar, heavy leather couches and fireplaces is also perfect for entertaining or hosting office parties.


The Queens court is adjacent to the Royal Chamber and can be accessed by a private entrance or through the interconnective passage which joins the Royal Chamber to the Queens Court.  As an extension to the Royal Chamber, the Queens Court offers an additional 720 sqm ideal for banquets, exhibition areas or gala dinners.

A visit to Castle de Wildt will fill your mind with visions and inspire you to explore the countless options for your next big event, conference, function or product launch.