Land Expropriation Without Compensation


How do I protect myself against this fast approaching reality?

The gradual undermining of private property rights, specifically the policy of expropriation without compensation, will have a detrimental impact on business in the country. Although land expropriation is mostly emphasised, it is in fact all private assets that can potentially be affected in future.
Join us on 19 June 2018 at Castle De Wildt as we look at options and precautionary measures and how you can protect your assets from the state.

DAWIE ROODT– CEO Efficient Group


The state is in the process to abdicate its primary responsibility to protect private assets. In a predatory state, it will not be limited to land only. There are remedies available to protect your assets against illegal occupation and expropriation without compensation.


JACQUES CLASSEN – Constitutional and administrative law Attorney There is secure and proper structure and legal remedies embedded within national and international legislation and treaties, as well as insurance and financial solutions to protect a landowner against the illegal occupation of his property.


PIET LE ROUX – CEO AfriBusiness Government is supposed to create a favourable business environment. But what if it doesn’t? What if it harms your business and the economy, and threatens with expropriation without compensation? That’s where organised business steps in.

At AfriBusiness we oppose bad government policies, and we provide alternatives. In fact, we think businesses should become state-proof. And we should act together in this, because the economy is too important to leave to politicians.


NIEL SWART – Castle de Wildt The wildlife industry should not only be measured by the decline in the value of game.