"In a World full of trends we want to remain a classic"

Welcome to Castle De Wildt

Our venue is packed with an abundance of character and charm that feels like it dates back to another era.

Located in Modimolle (Limpopo), our venue offers everything you could possibly need to make your wedding or celebration simply wonderful – a choice of function and ceremony halls, amazing accommodation and our relaxing Juliet coffee shop  will leave you feeling you’ve had a wonderful function or visit.

Charming features, open fires, outdoor dining serving fantastic refreshments – we offer an unique experience that you would remember forever.


When it comes to weddings we ensure that we assist you every step of the way. Whatever the celebration we can assure you that your happiness is the most important end result.


Hosting Shows, Afternoon spectaculars, Auctions, or even birthday parties that will make you feel like royalty.

Castle De Wildt has it all.

"Once in a while in the middle of an ordinary life ... Love gives us a fairy tale"

Event Attractions

We can’t wait to read your wishes. We will be happy to meet you and answer your questions. If you are getting married, Staging a faire la fête. Or maybe need somewhere to meet up with friends and cliques. and want to be accompanied on the beautiful journey that awaits you, tell us about your tale and we will organize the event of your dreams.